Orbification process

Orbs sustainable packaging

An explosion of flavor, aroma and fun in each dish.
Orbs is inspired by the lightness and magic of the orbs, a popular visual anomaly that appears in photographs and videos. They are usually round and luminous, and although their usual cause is the particles in suspension in the environment that cause the light to reverberate, causing the optical illusion of semi-transparent and luminous spheres that float in the image, sometimes this effect occurs without apparent cause, giving the orbs a halo of mystery and magic.
Orbification process
We have developed a technology that allows us to convert any liquid or creamy product into Orbs, a small sphere of flavor and aroma, easy to manipulate, which maintains its shape until it melts in the mouth.

We create orbs from oils, honey, spices, tomato or jams. Imagination to the power!
Orbs sustainable packaging
The glass Orbs container allows the natural preservation of aroma and flavor. Glass is a material that does not contaminate or 
modify the taste of food, while protecting and maintaining its freshness. Screw cap: single serve or multiple uses. Easy to separate from glass for recycling. It allows you to use the necessary
amount of product without losing its aroma and flavor.
100 ml glass tubular container

Up to 100 ml. The weight or capacity varies depending on the product it contains.

50 ml glass tubular container

Up to 50 ml. The weight or capacity varies depending on the product it contains.

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