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We have a wide range of products carefully selected for their quality, flavor and aroma. Ask us for your favorite pack of products for any occasion.
Orbs pack
Orbs pack

An explosion of flavor and fun. The orbification process transforms a liquid or creamy product into a small sphere that maintains its shape on any plate until it melts in the mouth. Add Orbs to your salads, pasta, meats ... Even to your cocktails or cocktails, pastry or tapas. Imagination to the power! 

hotels, transport, cocktail shakers, restaurants, individuals and gifts. 

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Spices pack
Spices pack
Great selection of spices from around the world to add aroma 
and flavor to your dishes, combined or pastry.
For: hotels, restaurant, cocktails, transportation and giving away. Products: Black peppercorns Spice with an aromatic and spicy flavor that combines so well with all kinds of dishes. White peppercorns Spice with a spicy touch and a smooth and delicate flavor. Ginger Root with a spicy and lemony flavor, with a fresh and sweet aroma. Star anise Spice that provides acidity and hints of anise, with digestive properties. Cayenne Very spicy spice, excellent flavor enhancer. Add in small quantities. Nail on branch Spice with an intense aroma. Add in small quantities. Cardamom Spice with an intense and spicy aroma. Poppy seeds Seeds with a mild flavor and pleasant texture, rich in Omega-3, 6 fatty acids and fiber. Cumin grain Spice with a bitter taste and a strong and sweet smell thanks to its high oil content. Nutmeg Sweet, smooth and very fragrant aromatic spice. Dill on leaf Leaves with a sweet, fresh and aniseed flavor. Oregano in leaf Leaf with a pleasant and intense aroma and a somewhat bitter taste. Mix Garam Masala A mixture of spices typical of Indian cuisine: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper and cardamom. Pepper mix Mix of colors and spicy powers with sweet notes. Mix tandoori Spice mix with a very exotic touch and a pleasant perfume. Cajun mix Mix of spices that provide an exquisite and peculiar touch to the dishes.


Tea pack
Tea pack
A world of sensations and aromas to enjoy a moment of relaxation. 
The Orbs packaging keeps intact the flavor and aromas of our

careful selection of tea for all tastes.

For: hotels, restaurants, individuals and gifts.


Black tea with blueberries
Black tea, blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate seeds, peony petals and aromas.

Gunpowder Green Tea
Green tea with rolled leaves, with a mild and slightly bitter flavor.

Rooibos Earl Gray Tea
Rooibos and the aroma of bergamot fruit, ideal to combat heartburn.

Lemon green tea without theine
Sencha green tea without theine, lemon peel, sunflower petals, 
cornflower flowers and aromas. Grandmother's Garden Infusion Elderberries, hibiscus flowers, apples, blackberries, strawberries, blackcurrant,
raspberry, strawberry leaves and aromas. Infusion Thousand and one nights Pieces of apple, rose hip, hibiscus, cinnamon and vanilla flavor.
Himalayan salt pack
Himalayan salt pack
The purest salt on the planet. Himalayan salt is a type of mineral salt from halite, 
which is usually mined in the mountains of Pakistan, about 300 kilometers from
the Himalayas. Its extraordinary composition includes more than 84 differentiated
trace elements, the predominant one however is iron and hence its striking pink color. For: hotels, restaurant and gift. Products: Himalayan pink salt with spices
Pure salt, ideal for seasoning meats and poultry.
KalaNamak black gem salt
Himalayan black salt, for all kinds of dishes.
Himalayan pink salt with black pepper
Pure salt with a spicy touch.
Coarse Himalayan pink salt
Pure salt for seasoning and cooking.
Wine pack
Wine pack
Careful selection of wines for Orbs, served in packs of two or three wines to choose 
from as a gift, celebration or treat yourself after a long day at work. For: hotels, transport, individuals and giving away. Products:
Red wine Pleasant, elegant and with a berry aroma. Pink wine Fresh aroma of red fruits and mint. White wine Aroma of citrus and apricot notes.
Olive oil pack
Olive oil pack
Extra virgin olive oils obtained only by mechanical procedures. A balanced 
flavor and a pleasant sensation on the palate make olive oil an irresistible
and essential ingredient on a daily basis at your table. In addition, it has
important benefits for our health, thanks to its high content of polyphenols. To: give away. Products: Extra virgin olive oil 100% arbequina of superior category, obtained by mechanical procedures.
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